MQTT vs Local Messages


A bit of a noob here but trying to understand Meshtastics capabilities. I’ve tried googling but I can’t find a clear answer, which means they’re probably silly questions.

  1. Is there a way to distinguish between a message received via MQTT from the default meshtastic server vs a local message?

  2. If I have MQTT enabled and I send a message, does it send it both to the server as well as locally?

  3. If a message is received locally, will my device automatically broadcast it to the MQTT server?

  4. I’m occasionally receiving messages that don’t have a 4 character shortname but instead shows the nodeID and they don’t appear on my User List. What could this mean?

Thanks in advance!

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I have the same questions. I enabled MQTT on one of my devices and I could tell a difference. Is something different supposed to happen? I also enabled Uplink and Downlink in Radio Config->Channels->LongFast.

  1. Both Android (behind the long name) and iOS now show it in the node list (but the nodes should be using at least firmware version 2.2.19).
  2. Yes, if you have uplink enabled on the channel.
  3. Yes, if you have uplink enabled. Downlink enabled also means every packet received from MQTT will be sent out via LoRa.
  4. You did not yet receive the Node Info packet or they are using a private channel with different key, so you cannot decrypt the packets.