MQTT test gateway running in the San Francisco bay area

Hi ya’ll,

So I finally got around to 3d printing a case suitable for externally mounting one of my TBEAMs with a nice moxon antenna. It should have pretty good coverage from the hills in San Mateo looking ENE. I’ll mount it outside Wednesday. It will bridge any packets sent on the default LongSlow (public) channel to the mqtt server.

This gateway is abdddf38.

Connected to radio
Owner: sfbay-gate (sfb)
│   N │ User       │ AKA   │ ID        │ Latitude   │ Longitude   │ Altitude   │ Battery   │ SNR   │ LastHeard           │ Since        │
│   1 │ sfbay-gate │ sfb   │ !abdddf38 │ 37.5200°   │ -122.3080°  │ 170 m      │ 100.00%   │ N/A   │ 2021-08-02 11:56:45 │ 1 minute ago │


oh cool - someone out there has two devices out there talking to it (and I haven’t even mounted it outside yet)

│   3 │ Unknown a2c5 │ ?C5   │ !c44f336aa2c5 │ N/A        │ N/A         │ 148 m      │ 100.00%   │ -21.25 dB │ 2021-08-03 06:15:33 │ 1 hour ago    │
│   4 │ Unknown 79c4 │ ?C4   │ !246f289e79c4 │ N/A        │ N/A         │ N/A        │ N/A       │ -20.50 dB │ 2021-08-03 03:01:42 │ 4 hours ago   │

Now it needs to be mounted on servo pan platform for easy changing of direction of antenna.

Kinda amusing, if I would be able to reach your node, we’d almost have the old Lockheed vector for their radar alignment station… (fixed target was in the Fremont hills, they’d shoot from a facility next to CalTrain) I’m about due east from you where you see “NILES” written on the hills (Google Maps). Now I have to see if I have a Yagi in 915…

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Update - running this test allowed me to find a bug with MQTT and wifi reconnection. Temporarily I have the node down until I can fix the bug (next weekish?)

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Is anyone interested in using this to talk to Matrix?

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wow! That looks potentially really awesome. I think that personally I’ll focus on getting the MQTT gateway finished/solid and then basic matrix gateway (admittedly with weak encryption guarantees). I think what you point to might be a great way to provide matrix support with strong guarantees. Hopefully someone will step up and add it (once some of the more basic plumbing is in over the next couple of months),

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(back installed and seems solid now)