Meshtastic Gateway

Hi, I need to buy/build a meshtastic gateway to be able to send all the information from the nodes (positioning, messages, etc) into a database on the local network.

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?

I have the mesh nodes all working on the same group but I still need to save all the information.

Thanks in advance.


depends on your requirements. MQTT is still in early development but looks really promising and would probably be easier to setup. but if you are set on any specific database or no devices can have network access, you will have to build your own solution.

Hi, thanks for the response.
Basically I need to have a network device “listening” to the group and saving the information received (into a file for instance).

I have been able to do this with a T-Beam and a dragino but the T-Beam is not using meshtastic.

I have several T-Beams with meshtastic and wanted to do the same, but can’t get the dragino to “listen” to the communications (tried to change frequencies, bandwidth, etc but with no success)

can you setup your own MQTT server and use that for “saving the information received”?

if yes, I would try that first.

It can also be done with the python api. There should some examples of python code here on the forum.

I’m working on a map display in NodeJS at the moment. Connecting to a radio via USB serial. Once you got your head wrapped around those bloody protobufs within protobufs, talking to the radios is actually fairly trivial.


this app GitHub - vinloren/meshtastic_broadcast from vinloren create a kind of portal with possibility to record in a database (or .csv file) all the records received by a node and a superb interface to browse history of positions on opensource maps,

have a good Week end


Thank you Fabrice,

Will look at it and try to get it to work