Noob network building

I’m sure much of this has been answered already, so bear with me. I am not a computer guy and I have to look up 90% of the abbreviations and terms used when trying to learn this stuff.

My goal is to have the ability to have radios on the ground supported by “relay” nodes. The issue I have come across is the ability to change groups/channels, etc… and include the relay nodes if there is no one within range with a phone to control that particular node. I want to be able to admin control the relay nodes from the ground radios. Is this possible? Could I change the channel name and send that to all radios, including one used as a relay with no one present, and have that channel put into use and maintain the mesh network under a new channel?

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There actually is exactly this. I haven’t played with it, and I’ve been away from the project for most of the summer. Last I heard there were some bugs needing to be squashed on the admin channel functionality as well as a bug with the relay/“Router” nodes dropping packets. I think the router node issue has been worked on but I’m unsure of it’s exact status.

Regardless, take a stab at playing with the Router settings on and the above link for the remote management. If you see anything weird in your testing let us know!

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Okay, this is awesome. I have no idea how to get this started. Is this in Python?

Use the meshtastic CLI (command line interface) tool included in the meshtastic-python package to get started changing settings.

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