Application/Server to save and rebroadcast messages?

Hopefully the title makes sense. Since the last updates, I’ve found my T-Beams to be even cooler than when I bought them. The WiFi is working great, the WebUI is great and they are very stable

What I am missing though is the ability to actually see messages if they come in. It seems I have to have the WebUI up and active for the messages to show up. If the WebUI is closed, and then I open it, I don’t see past messages

It would be very cool if I could host some kind of application at home that connects over the network to the T-Beam and then is able to save the messages and possibly re-broadcast them to Signal, or something. Or even just E-Mail/SMTP , so I know someone is trying to get in contact with me

Does anyone else think this is a good idea? Any other solutions?

There i a store and forward module in development for delivering messages, mqtt can already be used to send mesh data over the internet.