Mesh Distance Testing SF/Oakland/Berkeley

Folks - after reviewing the mesh network code I’d like to give this another shot using a new channel I setup with the “long range” setting to see if we can make some connections.

I have two Moxons running off my balcony, here’s the link to the channel #baymeshnet:

I’ve also been doing some research into Adaptive Spreading Factor Selection in addition to creating some single channel frequency scanning/hopping sketches to see how we can optimize connectivity (disclaimer I have a background in network engineering). I think there’s a lot of optimization on the table especially in urban environments where using the current fixed 915.00 mhz is way too noisy. Stay tuned!


Keep a screenshot of the qr code for the default channel on your phone (or print it out, for keeping with the device), then you can just scan that code with the phone camera. connected to the node.

easy-peasy, lemon, orange cherry… :crazy_face:

Successful connection between Oakland and Angel Island (9 miles) using Heltec + Moxon antenna + Very Long Range Mode!

Rather impressive given the urban environment noise / interference. Has me thinking about the possibility of strategically placing a few solar powered ‘relay nodes’ to create a base infrastructure…


How did you get to Angel Island? By Kayak? Last I checked, the Ferry isn’t running.

sailed over in my sailboat sunday from berkeley :rofl:


Sailing, great! Where did you get the Moxon, local buy or China?

Unfortunately China (

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That’s super cool. Were there any services on the island? Most importantly, bathrooms?

I was thinking of taking my Kayak there this weekend.

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Bathrooms were open, definitely visit! Did some great hiking!

There’s plenty of US sources for 915Mhz moxon and dipole antennas as sold for drones. Here’s one.

TBS’s “crossfire” protocol uses 915Mhz(at least in the US). The Frsky “R9” system does as well. Any half way decent drone store should have suitable antennas for sale.

I’ve been using some TBS Immortal T’s with some of my devices. Seems to work, but haven’t done any range testing or anything. The price and availability is nice.


Beat me to it. I have been digging around on race day quads and will probably give several different antennas a try. I found a few u.fl antennas too so I can remove the SMA adapter.


I have tons of antennas from droning around, but most are 2.4Ghz and circularly polarized…

The only reason I went the banggood route is I wanted 3 Moxons to test end to end functionality and the prices on FPV sites start to add up quickly when multiplying (saved ~50%). The wait though … not too great

installed a new 32’’ 915mhz fiber glass antenna today on the balcony facing west from oakland with view from basically SFO to Golden Gate (partially obstructed by top of downtown oakland police station / jail).

i’ve got a 1.1.5 node (ttgo) connected on default channel with name smrtallk_oak

let me know if you have success seeing it!

I’m at 275ft and there’s a 470ft hill (Bay View Hill) between the two of us.

We’d get a signal otherwise :frowning:

You might do well reaching out to I did chat to them a bit about co-locating nodes on their locations and they seemed somewhat interested. I ran out of energy for it, but they might be open to a new approach. These are their locations

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I’d like to make a small device that basically consists of a gps module and a LoRa MeshTastic module. We would attach these to our kiteboards and windsurf boards so we could locate them when they get away from us on the bay. Unfortunately, I have no experience yet with MeshTastic, but I’m at least mediocre with programming and electronics. Now some dumb questions…

  • It kind of looks like there’s getting to be something of an installed network in the bay area. Could our modules rely on that network, or do we have to build our own?
  • We would not have a cell phone on the board, but we also wouldn’t need to interact with the device on the board. It will just ping out an ID and location every 10 mins, hour…(?)
  • Obviously these lost boards would be floating in the bay (they tend to find their way down toward the east end of the Dumbarton bridge). I know that sitting on the water is far from optimal for RF transmission - is there any hope?

Sorry if these questions are too dumb, and even more sorry if I’m stepping on a topic I shouldn’t be. I’ll be perfectly happy if someone wants to re-direct me.


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How did you get this map?

I used …


Recently multi channel support has been added to the project. But as it is now you would need to coordinate with whoever is running a repeater you would like to use.

This feature is very new and is being tested. I’d imagine we will start working in the documentation and come up with some usage plans that allow for a consistent shared public, emergency, and private channel(s) use.