Map refreshing delay

Hi, how often does the map update? I find it slow to get an updated location and I guess there’s no way to do a manual refresh.


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I upgraded the GPS antenna on my T-Beam V1.1 w/NEO-6M to a bigger GPS antenna and noticed the map updates where more frequent. Not sure if this is due to the new antenna or the f/w or software updates. I’m using 0.9.05 and f/w tbeam 1.0-US/0.9.3.

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Upgraded the GPS antenna on my T-Beam 1.0 before the new soft/firmware and noticed better reception (even indoors now) and faster locks (map updates).
Details, 28x28x8.5mm, 3dBi, CF 1575 MHz(+/-30 MHz).
About triple the size of the one that came with the T-Beam


Thanks for posting this. I have just ordered a lot of 5 of these antenna from AliExpress ~USD20 (slow shipping though).

btw - the default refresh rate on GPS positions is pretty infrequent (I forget without looking but I think only once every 15 mins). But if you cycle the screen to look at a node it will immediately ask that that node for an updated position.


Geeksville’s memory is correct. The current timeout in the Android app for node position is 15 minutes. See line 88 in file NodeInfo.kt.

btw: this is largely an intentional choice for the use-case described at for 1.0: A tool for hikers, skiers etc to communicate/share positions. In those cases rate of movement is low and if you’ve clicked the button on the device to look at a particular node it will dynamically ask that other node for an immediate current position update.

For changes to this behavior given all the great ideas people have had wrt to how to use this project, that will be tracked in this bug:

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@geeksville does the protocol allow for GPS coordinates to be sent in the same packet as the messages. This could keep GPS chatter to a minimal, only updating when the shared coordinates become stale after a predefined number of minutes… currently 15 minutes.

I hope GPS positions to be included in message, could be useful to share a position with other details


Could these functions be included in the app? or optionally appended to mesages? (or really just be changeable by the user to suit the speed of travel)

also I read the thread Show GPS coordinates on TTGO mini display which are rapidly improving the display on the TTGO.

However you still need a phone to text, and while the screen on the TTGO is good for debugging, (and I Love the data it provides) it would be more practical to have it in the app,
so I can keep the TTGO in its hermetically sealed waterproof enclosure while driving around testing. I did some driving today (in my quarantinomobile), and this time I noted the signal strenght also while testing but had to stop and fiddle about to get the info from the screen.

A bit bothersome when checking multiple nodes.

The locate other user function on the TTGO is neat, but only if you know which way true north is, there is no compass in the TTGO (i think, arrow points in one direction no matter where I turn), so tracking an individual is hard without a map.

Sorry if I seem to nag, I am in quarantine, and have too much time on my hands.