Looking for a fun project to work on? Pick this one :-)

Hi ya’ll,

The recent influx of new users/collaborators is great. Alas, I’m super busy trying to fix bugs and finish the (fewish) remaining 1.0 features. If any of y’all want to code on this project pull-requests are eagerly accepted (because OMG, there’s so much cool stuff we could do). Also, I’ve marked some of the bugs as “good for first timers” if you just wanna get your feet wet. If you have questions please ask and we’ll help.

Also - fellow devs have contributed various app translations. If your preferred language is missing, it is easy to add support for it, just see this thread. We promise to shower you with internet karma.


I want to say thank you! I’m new here, just joined today. I got three t-beams and flashed the meshtastic firmware today. Everything was super easy and felt very plug and play. So thanks a ton for all your work and everyone work on the project. Its really cool and really important work.

unfortunately I am not a developer (at least not yet lol).
just wanted to say thanks thanks thanks!


very good project and nice community!!


I’ve never sent a pull request before, so I’m worried about stepping on toes or doing it wrong. Maybe it’s time to learn how to contribute if I can! I’ve commented on some issues (and opened one), so I imagine I’ll wait to hear back and go from there :slight_smile: