Dear fellow devs, anyone willing to be co-main-device developer?

alas - my intermittently super crummy spine is still crummy. Realistically it will be a couple of weeks before I can get beck to coding on this fun project. We have a great group of fairly active devs (sorry I’ve been away from the discord channel). Any of ya’ll willing to be the other ‘main’ device code developer? At least for stuff like pushing out official builds and screening github issues.

I’m eager to get back at it - but it would help to have some more coverage in that area.


I do C# mostly for my day job and have been working on a iOS app for meshtastic I would be happy to help out with some issue triage and such.

Feel Better!


hi ya’ll, alas I’m still on my “away from computers and working on posture, exercises” break. If any of the fellow devs need to reach me please send me an email. Otherwise I’ll be back on oct 10th and will be merging all the stuff ya’ll have added!

also - if anyone is willing to step up as the ‘co-device lead’ (and has previously submitted some PRs), please let me know and I’ll bless you in the github org so you can do releases and merge PRs.

Sorry about the delay. :frowning:

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@geeksville How can I help?

Happy to tag team with you or anyone else.


Yay! @mc-hamster I’ll bless you today and I’m back and merging the many and awesome PRs everyone sent in while I’m away. In the next couple of days let’s all chat on discord and work out a longer term plan.


I think you have my ph#. Message any time if not on discord, I’m usually around.

Welcome back @geeksville! and thank you for the invitation; unfortunately I am not sufficiently competent to handle other contributors’ code, also I have no Discord access and my availability is somewhat unpredictable.

Big thanks to @mc-hamster for volunteering to help - I was secretly hoping that you would :slight_smile:

Now let’s build something awesome.

@geeksville whilst I’m not proficient enough to review any substantial PR’s. I’m happy to handle/co-ordinate any other stuff, CI, minor features, overlapping PR coordination etc. As I appear to have the most amount of free time.

I wanted to say thank you very much to the folks that work in this space. The total volume of work at play boggles my mind sometimes.

Thanks for all the hard work… for looking at the issues, and lending your brain power to the project.

With some luck, I can continue to learn enough to be of some value… right now I find myself starting at some of the code and having to really dig to figure out what’s going on.

I hope during 2022 to author a plugin or two… and do some python work to make use of that new plugin.

But mostly, this is just to say thank you!