LilyGO TTGO T3 LoRa32 868MHz V2.1.6 ESP32

Also: If you are powering any node using solar power, you’ll probably want to set router mode:

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They arrived today! Hurray!!

Which firmware should I use for them?
Is firmware-tlora-v1-EU865-1.1.7.bin correct?

Yes, you are right, yours is v1, v2 has a SD slot and a battery switch (no button).

But you can also use the latest alpha release 1.1.8 instead of alpha 1.1.7

Have fun tinkering :wink:

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Thanks a lot!! :slight_smile: Today is CHRISTMAS!!


I feel with you, Merry Christmas! :smile:

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Very useful mod! I’ve replicated it on two identical boards, but it only works on one of them…

Does it work if you just momentarily jump a wire between the pin and ground? If so, check your connections and the switch. Also make sure you’re on the correct pins. I can’t think of much else that could be wrong.

No, it just never works. It must be a quality control issue then…

Hello all!
Would you guys be able to direct me to what firmware I could use with this board:

The listing says: LoRa32 V2.1 1.6
And the silkscreen says: T3_V1.6

(I got several for use with, but this project seems much more active and from what I can tell they are viable for use with it?)

Thank you!

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With this board you can use V2 1.6 firmware.

I have the same board and it works good with 1.1.32 version of firmware.

You will have to connect a user button between GPIO 12 and ground to cycle through screens, just like someone stated in this post.


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I noticed that the documentation referring to Lora V2.1-1.6 on LILYGO® TTGO Lora devices | Meshtastic mentions “Early versions of some of these boards contained the wrong component in the LiPo battery charging circuit allowing the battery to be overcharged.”

Is there a way to add “Owners need to check if their board is marked 06140141 T3_V1.6 dated 20180506 or 20180606.” or put a reference to this thread?