LilyGO TTGO T3 LoRa32 868MHz V2.1.6 ESP32

Is this model supported? The support list not show T3.

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Yes, all T3 are TTGO LoRa32 v2. Yours is TTGO LoRa32_V2_1_6. :v:


And here it is, arrived today, freshly flashed! Thank you.


I added a micro push button, with a wire between pin 12 and ground, to toggle the screen.


Think this explains why the power status is always on “connected to power” and never on battery even when it is running off battery only (shows connected to power).
Will be running it off a usb powerbank when going mobile.
Anyone know if this is still an issue with this model board?

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It appears this was corrected in later boards. Both mine have diodes and not a fuse. You should be able to compare yours to the pictures and make sure. The continuous charging indication was a firmware problem concerning proper sensing of the battery voltage and has been corrected. It now just shows the approximate battery level, and not a charging indication.

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Thanks!! Looks like I have a SOD-123 Markering SL schottky diode 40V 1A :slight_smile:
That diode is right in front of the battery connector, not making it easy to disconnect the bat.
See you have a 3000mah li po?! About how long does that last with this small board
Time to test the new firmware, maybe then I see the battery status.


btw - if you could try this when you get a chance (not sure how often you log into github) - I bet it will fix the deep sleep problem on that board:


Just updated to 0.9.3 now! I have a battery status, 3 bars, however it is connect to power…
Battery 3815mV 58% (from log) Connected to 2A charger still shows battery.

Deep sleep yes I noticed it behaved different from my TT beam…Will let the board run overnight and see what happens.

Update, attached battery only. Now see 2 bars so appears it is reading the battery voltage.

But, attached usb cable+charger reader, there is some 4 volt on the cable coming from the board :frowning:

Alas the lora32 board doesn’t have a sense line so we can know charging. So on that board all we will ever be able to show is battery level.

Hello PA7John,

The problem was rapidly identified, and the few boards with this problem are easily recognisable, as the gold-coloured fuse (left picture) has been changed by D6 (can be any shotky diode).
Owners need to check if their board is marked 06140141 T3_V1.6 dated 20180506 or 20180606. The earliest updated (safe) boards carry the same markings. The newest boards don’t carry the 06140141 nrs anymore.

In later T3-versions, a diode D5 also replaced the other fuse on the USB-line. But since the LiPo voltage never exceeds the USB voltage, this cannot damage the USB line on boards with 1 fuse remaining.
Only battery power is fed over the on/off slider switch. USB power is unswitched and therefore the board is always on when connected to USB.


I’ve never left it on long enough to test the life with the 3000mah lipo. That’s on my list.

I’ll give it a try soon.

Boot loop still occurs with low battery indication. Details on GitHub.

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Tlora T3 V2.1.6 running 0.9.3.
I can confirm my board has similar issue, usb connect, boot loop after battery went empty (battery 2500mV 0% in log).
After leaving it charging for about 10m while switched off it rebooted normally with 3635mV 39%

alas - the fix for this problem wasn’t until:

Which was included in 0.9.5. Could you try that version?

I can’t keep up with the speed of your updates :wink:
Flashed to 0.9.5, now have to wait for the battery to run out again, full battery lasted 2 days so may take a while
Update, almost 24h later board went offline, not able to boot up (shutsdown again after bootscreen) but there is some power left red led still on waiting for that to fade. Definately much less power use then a TBeam.


No bootloop with 0.9.5 but the board went into sleep mode after connecting to usb/power. Pushing the reset button woke it up and it is operational. (below end of log after 1st boot)

Battery 3074mV 0%
Trigger powerFSM 10
Transition powerFSM transition=LowBat, from=BOOT to=SDS
Enteri ng deep sleep for 31536000 seconds
Turning off screen
Writing preferences

Hi do you have a link to flash? Thanks


General info under

For my board I used firmware-tlora-v2-1-1.6-EU865-0.9.5

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