LilyGO TTGO T3 LoRa32 868MHz V2.1.6 ESP32

Do you get location updates from the android app on yours? Ive seen the postion info filled in for a brief second on a couple of occassions,

Using analog input for battery level
Turning on screen
Read RTC time as 0 (cur millis 98) valid=0
Hoping that NEMA might work
RadioConfig reset!
Installing AES128 key!
Initial packet id 1228084982, numPacketId 4294967295
Loading saved preferences
Loaded saved preferences version 11
Installing AES128 key!
NODENUM=0x91a0c730, dbsize=2
Starting meshradio init…
Set radio: name=Default, config=3, ch=2, power=17
RF95 init result 0
[D][esp32-hal-cpu.c:189] setCpuFrequencyMhz(): PLL: 320 / 4 = 80 Mhz, APB: 80000000 Hz
Battery 3841mV 61%
Screen: Started.

Yes the loction updates from the phone work for me, android 10. Takes some time for location changes to appear. GPS inside is intermittent need to be close to windows, works ok outside.
What type of battery (capacity) do you use?

Location updates rarely work for me. I have issues with battery level too, one shows plugged in constantly and the other shows the battery level ok. Will try resetting the app.

Battery is a 502030 250mAh cell

Issues with the battery level in the app or on the screen of the board?
I found the battery % does not match while on my TBeam where I use 18650 it matches perfectly.
Displaying the mV will be my preference, coming up in future updates.
Have an older tablet (2015) where updating status and location is definately not as smoothly as with the newer phone.

The ttgo log is reading the battery level (checked against multimeter) correctly. Tried clearing the app data and re-pairing. Read the battery initially but back to a charging icon on the app now. Amazed at the range of these just been out on a walk about a mile. Still doesn’t show location on either ttgo, sometimes a small n appears for a second above the circle. Both phones on Android 10 too

Noticed on my tablet that also has intermittent location updates (like right now), that Meshtastic is not requesting location access according to android settings. Google maps does.

Range is great even with 10% or lower signal I see messages getting through.
Did the same thing, mV in the logs is the same as on mulitmeter. Using a Samsung 1500mA phonebattery. Tested the new screen with mV display up top 4 digits yesterday and that works great.
Will be rolled out to new firmware soon I think.

Added a button for screen switching and back at firmware 0.9.5 now

I am looking to buy a device in Europe. Is this shop recommended? If so which one would you recommend? I can not buy it from China because in Sweden it gets stuck in customs, sometimes more than a month, and costs 25% extra + a fee of $10. So I am looking at the possibility of buying it from the shop in the initial post of this thread! Is that same one recommended or are they of an old make? Would you know of an even cheaper shop for buying 10+ chips?

Which of these would you recommend? I would also need a display, either pre-attached or to solder into place!

If anyone else is testing this in Stockholm, please let me know! I’m going to start with three devices about 5km apart in a triangle. One of them will be placed in a high building about 100m above ground level on a mountain and should provide good coverage!

If I connect an external long antenna cord (about 2-3m), to be able to place the antenna on a roof while protecting the device and battery from our harsh winter, will the long cable affect the signal power? Do you have any recommendations? Can I add a little booster?

Thank you for tolerating my noob questions. :slight_smile:

PS! It would also be interesting for me to find some really cheap node chips in Europe! With low power consumption and no GPS or anything fancy. Just simple message relay. I was looking at the other thread “Simple Repeater Node, using a CubeCell” and thought that looked good!
Do you know where I can buy it in Europe? I want other people to be able to use it as well, people outside of my network, would that be possible?

@Tolkien I am also in Sweden. I have been buying from Make sure to use one of their EU warehouses. Then you dont need to pay the extra vat and fee. UK warehouse should also bee ok until end of this year. After that they will count as non-EU.
The TBeam is a good start. Take some time to study the different versions. Different GPS, antenna connector and so.
Check out the hardware section here
Keep antenna cables as short as possible. It is probably better to have the device connected directly to the antenna in a weatherproof box than using a few meters of cable.

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Dear countryman!
Thanks for your reply!! Can you recommend a product and seller on Banggood? How do I know if it is an EU warehouse? How long will the shipping take?

I guess these would work?

Edit: found a better one see below.

I have that same kit. No gps and no power management IC (I don’t know what this means in practical terms), but it’s great otherwise.

It has an onboard battery charger and cables to connect to it.

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Thanks a lot! I will go ahead and order it. :slight_smile:
Which battery would you recommend for this device?
With the Power Management IC, will it be able to charge the battery full and then stop or will I need to monitor the charging? I’m considering connecting it to one of these that I have here somewhere in my house:

You can use any lithium battery. I’m going to use an old 18650 sitting in a bin.

For the power management IC, you’ll probably not notice it’s missing. Everything works well enough.

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@Tolkien A general problem with powerbanks is that when they see no (or a very small) load they will turn off. Most of them do not work with our IOT gadgets. They are created to charge phones and then turn off.
The only thing I have found that works is this:

I am sorry but I don’t remember where I got the board and you need to do some soldering.
You can charge the battery on on end and power the device from the other.
Or connect the 18650’s directly to the device as @mc-hamster suggested.

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Oh that’s a bummer!
I will try to Google for that one and see if I can find it.

Sorry, I didn’t read that part of your question about the power bank.

You can just wire batteries straight to the boards — it’ll handle the changing and cutoff. No usb power bank is needed.

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I see!! Thank you!
Do you think it would be possible to add a solar device directly to the LoRa device or is there some sort of regulator I can buy and put in between? If I connect it to that power bank with the built in solar panel, but connect the LoRa directly to the batteries and let solar remain connected to the power bank?

It depends on the output of the solar device.

If it puts out 5v, it can go straight into the USB port. Otherwise, you’d need to do more engineering.

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Bought these 2 weeks ago from EU (UK) warehouse, delivered in 5 days

I should get mine next week then…