Lilygo T-Echo nRf52840

Hallo,The touch button above has no function.
I would be grateful for any help.

I think that the touch button only has a function for the SoftRF version, not for the Meshtastic version.

By the way, make sure you add the antenna before turning it on! Transmitting without an antenna MAY break it.

Touch Button refreshes the screen

touch and press doesn’t change the screen - I bought two of these! are both broken?

you need to update your firmware.

I need the device for airplanes that fly with transponders and Flarm. But at the moment it is unusable. Need help VG Lars

You need to flash the SoftRF firmware, not Meshtastic…

Can I still see Flarm even though I don’t have the top button?

Have a look at the softRF page for the T-Echo (Badge Edition · lyusupov/SoftRF Wiki · GitHub). SoftRf is a separate project from Meshtastic, so we wouldn’t know how to provide support for it.