Is my Client-Router trampeling my other unit?

I built a pair of solar nodes.
One unit has a 3dbi antenna The other has a 5.8dbi antenna, other than that they are functionally the same.

The idea is to eventually get out and get one of them mounted up at roughly the edge of my range to extend the distance.

Both units are set to Router-Client
The 3dbi antenna has been running on my deck for about a month. I just got the 5.8dbi unit built and left it sitting downstairs.

I went out i grabbed one of my.handheld units and texted ‘test’ to see if i could reach my home unit(3dbi or 5.8) i got the check mark
i also had a new contact respond, which went through the 5.8 unit. I requested location, turned out i was riggt around the corner from him, however our conversations were happening through my ‘repeater’ / the 5.8dbi which was a good mile or so away.

I was able to see his data live on the map via the 5.8 unit. my 3 unit didnt see him, and never has. But ever since i got the 5.8 unit up wven thoigh its basicslly inna basement my 3dbi unit is basically …gone? from the network. Is it just being a trampled by the 5.8 unit since they are both routers (router-client)?

Is this because of the router settings? because i can see 4 of my handhelds ontop of eachother plus the 5.8 unit on the map.

Just curious whats going on

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I am also intrigued by this, I noticed yesterday while “war driving” with my solar node with 5DB antenna that the node list took some time to update, I was seeing 20-40 minutes difference from when I saw the node show up in the list vs when the client reported seeing it via time stamp.
I’m curious how the node reporting system in the app is setup.