Is it possible to switch frequencies?

I ordered several of the new T Beams with SX1262 and M8N. It looks like I ended up with 868’s instead of 915’s. They took forever to get here so I am not really interested in trying to return them. Is it possible to change frequency? Both frequencies are listed on the LORA chip. Any insight would be appreciated.

Have a great day!


for 868/915, yes. just make sure the antenna matches the frequency.

Thank you for the response! So I just buy 915 antennas, swap them out, and thats it? I don’t have to change any settings?

You want to set the right region too.

As far as I understand, T-Beams of the 433 variety only work at 433.

The other T-Beam can work on both 868 and 915, by simply switching the region in software and using the correct antenna.