IOS Latest Version required, why?

the Apple IPAD APP requite latest IOS version, this means all the good old IPADS we all have plenty of available, cant be used, that is not nice ?? please make it so older IPADS can be used ?!?!
We rather spend our hobby money on meshtastic nodes, not Apple products.

An ond IPAD can actually access my node via web browser and its IP number
but the web interface is LOCKED for higher resolution, a PC screen !!
so that means many features are useless in IPAD

The current and last versions of iOS are available, iOS 15 has never been supported.

You can always get a cheap 2014 or newer Android tablet if you dont want to spend money on Apple. Just make sure the Android OS can upgrade to 5.0 Lollipop or newer, Android can be downloaded from google play store for free or Release Meshtastic Android 2.3.2 beta · meshtastic/Meshtastic-Android · GitHub

I think most of us who dont develop sw for IOS or Android dont understand WHY such a simple app cant run at all, on older versions of opperating systems, we really hate the demand by sw to be forced to purchase new units, I personally rather spend my hobby money on meshtastic nodes, solar panels, batteries, cases, antennas and all that matters for the development of the coverage… now I am forced to be month behind that schedule, by the same crew who like this system to go forward… and if you seek the groups, local and global. I am far from alone … crying…

Maybe 1% of iOS users? This is just not a big group, too expensive to support.

Well imagine your designing a car and you are using all the latest technology like ABs and fuel injection and you don’t think twice about it. Then somebody comes a long and says “well why can’t my old carburator work in this car?” and you say well you’re the first person who has mentioned it and besides it would take like 5 times more work to make it able to use an ass old carburator. Except when writing apps for for android or iOS these decisions are basically made for you by the app development environment. That’s pretty much why.

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today we installed a new super repeater unit, and my helper there who did the roof top install,
I made all the hardware ready for him, pre tested all was fine.
again we had the problem, his perfectly fine and else perfectly working phone, could not install the meshtastic app, so he failed to see why this was any fun at all, and he failed to see if the node he spend time and roof top climbing installing, work or connect to anything.
I dont think I get an easy time asking for his help again soon, all he wanted was to see how many other nodes in the ares his repeater can see, now i have to call and all all the locals to see if they can reach it, and tell him his job was not wasted.

Feel free to donate the thousands of dollars for the development time if you are passionate about this, sponsor link is right on the repo.