iOS App - I want to help

Hello, I’m an iOS developer with many years of experience. I’d like to take a look at the iOS repo and see if there are any areas that I could help with. Could someone point me in the right direction to get to the repo?




That page is a 404 for me

You probably need to get in touch with @garth, I think he’s the only one actively developing an iOS app right now, one or two previous attempts never really got off the ground, which is probably why there’s the 404


The repo is still private while I am working through the App Store process, have you done some SwiftUI?

Yes, I’ve been working with SwiftUI pretty much since it came out. I’m not an expert at it yet, but working on it.


I can also help on UI stuff - Been using SwiftUI from day 1.


Oops. Keep forgetting it’s private. Shows up on my side.


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It is still private and probably will be until the app is released in the App Store with v1.3, if you want to help with the apple repo make a pull to fix some documentation (or another of the project’s many repos) to be added to the GitHub org.

I was wondering how difficult it would be to make the iOS app functional in older versions of iOS? I thought it might be nice to dedicate older hardware to a Meshtastic setup but some of my older devices are not supported in the newest version of iOS? :slightly_smiling_face:

13 is really not possible as the app is all SwiftUI, 14 would require a bunch of conditional code and would only add one device so not really worth it.

@garth another iOS dev here and a big fan of meshtastic and your work on the iOS app. I have been experiencing a few persistent bugs (app version 1.2.53 build 21, iPhone 12 mini running iOS 15.3) which I’d love to help squash. I’ll follow your suggestion above and submit a PR with some documentation tweaks.

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