I' the new user of the Nano Edition G1

Hi, I’m the new happy user of the meshtastic - recently received my two first Nano Edition G1 devices, so. Trying to make them work…

When connected over bluetooth with the web client - no changes to the configurations can be saved.

With the CLI (dont get how I can realy read the settings only managed to wright them) - sort of made the localistion and the wifi satup.

The outcome is kinda unexpected (see the screenshot)

Android also doesn’t respond.
Still can’t make this thing work really.


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Thank you for choosing Nano G1.
For the WIFI mode, the document is available at here:

Note: only client mode is supported by meshtastic right now, therefore:

meshtastic --set network.wifi_ssid “my network” // “my network” should be your router’s SSID

meshtastic --set network.wifi_psk “my password” // “my password” should be your router’s password

For the Bluetooth mode with phone APP, this should work out of box before enable the WIFI via CLI. The ESP32 could not enable both bluetooth and wifi in the same time. Thus, you have to disable the WIFI and enable the Bluetooth by using CLI:

meshtastic --set network.wifi_enabled false
meshtastic --set bluetooth.enabled true

Sorry, I didn’t describe my scenario well enough :frowning:
I have actually familiarized myself with the manual and all your remarks are considered!
the actual ssid was used in place of the “my wifi” and, all the rest.

My most simple question - how do i read the settings in cli?

Then what is there wrong about wifi on my screenshot, why is it showing two lines of SSID’s?

For read back the setting, you may replace the --set with --get for supported commands, e.g.

meshtastic --get network.wifi_ssid
Connected to radio

network.wifi_ssid: neil-guest
Completed getting preferences

For the screenshot, that do looks strange, did you try to re-flash the device with the newest firmware?

The phone app should work immediately after re-flashing.

And the screen should looks as following pic if we set WIFI correctly:

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