How to capture the ALL Environmental Metrics

I am wanting to get each Environmental Metrics (currently set for every hour).

Must the iPhone be tied into the mesh 100% of the time to get all values all the time?

Since the device has only a limited cache to store messages, you indeed have to connect (very) frequently to get all metrics. Another way to do this is by MQTT, then you need to use Wi-Fi or Ethernet on one of the nodes, which forwards the messages to an MQTT broker.

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Is this limited cache a function of the declaration of the storage memory within the source code or a limitation in the actual hardware? If the limitation is the source code, what cross compiler is necessary to compile it for the T-Beam (and is it free)?

This is based on the limited RAM on the devices, you need a connected device of some type to collect historical data, the phone should work fine for this and is currently the only place device metrics data is saved.

So it sounds like the MQTT route is the way to go if I want all the data…


i setup a broker,and set all options,but i got any message from meshtastic,pls help me