How hard is it to use other devices?

What’s involved in using a “non-standard” board to run Meshtastic on? I expect some pin numbers to change, but beyond that, is there much to it?

The TTGO boards at $30 a pop feel a little pricey. I have plenty of ESP32s and some lora boards ( RFM69HW) laying around. I want to build enough for a small group, so if I can save some cash on the boards it would be awesome.


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I have a few of the tlora v1 boards. they’re $24 for two with screen ($12 ea) and fully supported.

These …

A few folks have wired up rf95 boards to esp32s. It isn’t too hard, just change configuration.h and build from source per the docs. One person did a pretty through photo write-up here (alas I don’t have the link so some archive searching might be involved)

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