How do I retrieve the latest version to flash from the python flasher in windows?

I’m currently using the meshtastic python flasher in windows 10 from the command prompt. I don’t see the latest release. Are the releases listed here considered stable? Do I need to reinstall the flasher to be able to see more updates?

pip install --upgrade meshtastic-flasher

Thats what was holding me back there. I know a lot of people that are using this and it’s a no brainer. However, for those of us that have stumbled into this creative project, I think it would be cool to throw that into the getting started flashing firmware section of the website.

That would have been super helpful for me to see.

So, after I updated the flasher I seem to have lost capability with the flasher. Is this normal?

I seem to have been able to update my units to 1.3.40 however, there it ALWAYS a horizontal loading line on the units face superimposed above all the text. I don’t know what to do. I had similar issues earlier on in the process but that went away when I set the region. Not repeatable in this case.