How do I get canned messages to work on T watch?

I will send someone $10 in Bitcoin if you can help me figure this out.

I need to know all the settings I need to input in the ios app to get the watch to correctly send canned messages

I can get it to display after selecting the Rak module but it wont let me touch the screen or send the message via tapping

I have the v3 tWatch with Lora

I’m not aware that you need to select rak module. Swipe up/down to select the message, left/right to select destination and double tap to send.

so I did what you said to set to manual config, no other options selected ( i had the up/down slide selected )

Then I rebooted and didnt see the canned messages… until I swiped down. There they are!!!

I was overcomplicating

Send me a bitcoin address or lightning invoice for $10

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No need, I’m happy helping people out. Glad you were able to get it working!

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Do you think we could get an Ack added to t watch display? That way we would know if msg was received without needing our phone to tell us?

There’s been some preliminary work to add that functionality but nothing final yet. Most likely won’t be added until 3.0.

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Ok. Thank you again.