New Meshtastic compatible products

It looks like Heltec has a few new products that they claim to be compatible with Meshtastic. Just wondering if anyone has tested them out and if there is firmware available for them yet?

The first one is the Heltec Vision Master E213. This seems to be a step up from the Heltec wireless paper allowing to additional modules since it has pinholes etc…

The second one is the Heltec Vision Master E290. This one is also very similar to the Heltec wireless paper, but has a 2*20 pin female header that would work great with a Pi Zero 2 w.

Any info or help would be much appreciated.

Expect them for firmware 2.3.16 perhaps?


Mesh Node T114 – nRF52840 CPU, and a 1.14-inch TFT display, Ultimate low-power design, specifically adapted for the Meshtatic project

First nRF52840 from Heltec?

I’ve tested both,
E213 is functional, but some issues to point out are that the i2C and UART adapters built-in are not broken out properly on the firmware. Same for serial port monitoring, it is not able to show logs, so it will not be 100% when it shows on 2.3.16.

E290 - Same issues as the other, and also the refresh rate and responsivity of the user buttons is no good, takes 30sec to flip from one screen to another.

The T90 was just released yesterdat which has a nice TFT screen

Mesh Node T114 – nRF52840 - Not released yet but I’m looking forward to that one the most.

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Mine arrived today. An E213 and E290.
Which firmware should I use?

Thank you

Wait for the next release or build it yourself from the master branch