Hello, and success!

Hey folks.

Just wanted to say hello, and that I’m digging into your project! I have 2 T-Beam/TTGo boards with GPS and just got the 0.8.2 build of the firmware (Currently the EU band but I have 2 US band devices inbound from BangGood.

The setup instructions suggested posting in here with successes/issues, so… Success! Other than my soldering skills needing some practice, it went smoothly!

A comment and a question.

The and scripts for installing via terminal (on my Macbook Pro) basically just invoke, simple… Except that I do a lot of messing around with serial devices. By default those scripts just start at the first /dev/cu.* device and try to connect.

Probably works fine normal case, but in my case I have 11 devices in that list! lets you specify the port to use by setting : export ESPTOOL_PORT to the right one. It’s just a couple line change, but might help someone. I’d be happy to add a couple error checks and submit a change, or not!

Question: Watching the logs (I haven’t dug into the code yet), I see this:

JOINING WIFI: ssid=geeksville.

Is that for something in particular? Seems like battery suck if it is scanning wifi often.

Anyways, interesting stuff, let me know if I can help! I’ve worked in mobile since before J2ME, and I have Android/iPhone dev environments, Raspberry Pi, a grip of ESP32’s etc… It’s a bit of an addiction, but may as well put them to use!




Yes a PR for this would be great! (ideally with the checks you describe but even just "echo"s telling the user this would be an improvement.

JOINING WIFI: ssid=geeksville.

Heh! That’s one of my wifis. I accidentally included that in 0.8.2 (but didn’t include my password, so I think the power cost is low). That is fixed in 0.9.1. It sounds like the alpha test on that release is going okay so in a couple of days it will not be alpha and it will be included in the android app for OTA update.

The intent is that eventually we’ll let users set a wifi net name and password and if set (and only if set) we’d open up our API on a TCP port. So that meshtastic-python clients (or any other client) could connect to the device over wifi rather than bluetooth/USB. This is a half step towards the eventual work item of the “MQTT/messaging gateway” feature. So a meshtastic ESP32 could be a full gateway for the mesh without any help from a phone/PC.

More info here:

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PR submitted! One minor thing I noticed once I submitted the request, hopefully a non-issue. I had meant to make the scripts run identical to the way they do today and make any flags optional.

It does that with one mod. before the filename you want to flash you need to put a "-f ". If you leave out the -f it will respond with instructions.


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