Having trouble pairing device

I’m trying to pair my TTGO T Beam with my Amazon Fire tablet. It sees the device, but it won’t let me select it. When I tap on it, it acts like it’s going to select it, but then doesn’t.

Am I doing something wrong?

hmm - can you try pairing from the android settings / bluetooth page and see if it works there? and report back?

What version of the software on the TBEAM? (it prints at bootup)

I have no idea, the screen isn’t coming on. I installed it with the pin connector like it showed in their video, but it’s not coming on.

I’m not sure what you mean by from the android settings bluetooth page.

oh - just saw your other thread. Yes - you definitely need to solder the screen or it won’t work (just holding it in position isn’t reliable enough - because of many config commands sent at high rate but only once).

re: bluetooth pairing
You can pair the device (even without using our app) by going to the “settings menu” in android. Then go to “bluetooth settings” then “add a new device”. You should see the meshtastic device listed (if its screen is on - i.e. unit definitely fully awake). Click on that, you’ll be prompted to pair the device by entering a six digit bluetooth pairing code that is shown on the meshtastic device screen (for BLE security).