Grid down/bridge mode/app accessability

Senario: in case of a major fallout of the internet/phone service for whatever reason.
I have a public node in a central location, and posted a physical QR sign for logging in to that node. (could do that for each node in the mesh) How can people connect if there is no internet to download the app?, can multiple people connect to a single node via bluetooth?

Ideally the app should be downloadable from the device via bluetooth is this possible with current hardware?(I use TTgo).

Also, an in-app bridge function to the internet would be useful, so in a spotty internet coverage area, messages could be routed through the first phone that has connection to the net.(I am thinking external apps as well, FB,twitter etc. low bandwidth chat apps, but this may be a can of privacy worms)

Alternatively, A PC client that can act as a bridge to the internet, that can send/recieve from its connected accounts, maybe via IFTTT, to make it simple to implement. I’d love to be able to send automated info from RSS or such services to the network. weather reports, Public service announcements, emergency information etc.

Edit I see now that this currently is impossible, as the code is random generated each time, also a reset is required to initiate pairing.

This may be an option for a public access mode for stationary nodes. The board also supports wifi, so login info could be provided via SSID perhaps. or a simple webpage with info on how to connect?

I think your use case may be more in line with than meshtastic.

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In the words of Winnie the Pooh, yes please, both :wink:
Looked into your link, but it seems meshtastic is far ahead in development compared to them. also I found a post Headless Base Station / Repeater that adresses some of my questions, so I am hopefull this will be resolved soon’ish.

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yeah - I’m really eager to work on the router node features, my guess at the current rate is: early version will be out in early October?