Google analytics permissions for maps

hi. does anyone have guidance to set google analytics permissions requested by the meshtastic android app? is this done on my phone or via a login at google? thanks in advance…

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You just need to have not turned it off in the apps “settings” page (the third tab)

Thanks for your reply…but I’m lost. I’m using Android 10 on samsung galaxy S9. The
Settings/Apps screen has no tabs; The permissions for Meshtastic only show Location and Storage. I literally cannot find any mention of google analytics anywhere on the phone…am I missing something obvious?

I mean inside the meshtastic app. The app has three tabs. If it isn’t showing the map that’s because the checkbox allowing analytics is turned off on the third tab (it defaults to on).

Thank you again! But I’m still clueless - my meshtastic app (1.1.02 installed yestrday) has 5 icons at the top: chat,people,maps (where I see the analytics msg), radio andsettings. Each icon seems to have 1 and only 1 tab…the triple dot menu at top right only shows Debug Panel and About…would you have any other suggestions?

At the bottom of the settings page there is an “allow analytics” checkbox (right next to the “report bug” button). That’s what causes the map to not show.

Thank you! Checking the box and a restart does the trick…M

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