Generic ESP32 and RA-02 Lora (SX1278) 433MHz

Works like a charme!

What I did is basically described in the build instructions.

Furthermore I did the following changes to patformio.ini


I used the heltec profile and the exact wiring between ESP32 and the RA-02 Lora module (CS is NSS)

You should already have a working combination with a Lolin32 then for example:
image m

If you plan on using a Lolin32 Lite:
you maybe forced to lower the baud rate in patformio.ini to be able to flash it via serial:

  • upload_speed = 115200
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Nice write up! I’m glad it worked out.

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Sir, have you just connected the line and changed it here? “HW_VERSION=EU433”. Can it be used correctly?

Can I ask you a question, is this the line connecting esp32 and Ra02?

like this?

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@meshtasticus would know better but that pinout looks correct to me. Though I assume you just showed a LORA-32 board for reference (because that board already has a RF95 radio installed). i.e. I guess you are trying to hook up a more bare ESP32 to an external RF95 board?

I use pins(TTGO Lora32 V2.0) from WiKi for custom esp32 + RFM98 or Ra-02.
Just flash firmware-ttgo-lora32-v2-EU433.bin- OK.