Feature request: Android app without configuration

Hello, the new Android app ist very nice.
including shutdown/reset/reboot/node-delete.

maybe it would be usefull to have another app or a lock-option in the existing app, that does not allow changes in configuration. so a 100% user app, where the device cannnot be reset/shutdown,that does not allow to change the channel setting…

just use for messaging and location on the mobile phone…

so that in an off-grid situation, also a child or a new user can use meshtastic on the phone without risk off loosing configuration by accidentally resetting deivce…


Love this idea, could even be a toggle in the app.

Would you pay for an app like this? i.e. something like 3 dollars on play/mac store?

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A rich landscape of apps will be wonderful and IMO paid alternatives are tough but always the best way to spark innovation and growth back into the open community apps. Gotta be good enough to pay for :wink:

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Contributing to the project would be better

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Project’s GPL so isn’ that already a given?

We have an android app, contribute to that instead of selling a separate app.

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yes. i would pay for this app

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