FAQ: if Bluetooth connection fails after device update

i‘have also update at 3 device, 2 tbeam (client) and 1 Heltec (router) but it‘s look like i‘dont get connection to my android app device … i‘ts show me always disconnect … but the app is the current version of play store …

can you try the following:

  • uninstall the app
  • go to bluetooth settings and “forget” any meshtastic devices your phone knows about
  • reboot the phone
  • install the app - make sure the app doesn’t warn that it doesn’t have location access

And report back?

(Some versions of android have a bluetooth bug that doesn’t properly renegotiate BLE keys when devices upgrade)

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Perfect! Never befor i‘have this problem, but good to know … Report: Work!!! Thanks!

All Devices Up and Running!

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