Dont know if this is correct: transmit power set to 27 dBm

Hi, i updated my t-beams lilygo1.6-2.0 (1276 and 1262) to meshtastic 2.0.0.
when i acces Web interface i can see the transmit power is set to 27 dBm on all of them!
i can change it to lower, but no higher.
i did read that 27 may be to high and damaging the chip?
can i keep tx power at 27!? or should i reduce to 20??

thanx for help :slight_smile:

Hello, I made this change in the code for EU868.
27 dBm is the max legal limit in the EU.

I think, in the logs, it first sets the max power to 27 dBm and then checks the max power allowed for the specific device you are using. So you should see another entry where it drops down to either 17 dBm or the power setting you have set manually.

Your devices will not exceed 20 and 22 dBm respectively, even if you set it to 27 dBm, because the code has the protection that limits the max power.

Thanx alot for this explanation :slight_smile: