Question about setTxPower

Hello, I am not a programmer, I wanted to ask @geeksville if Meshtastic devices output at the maximum power possible if they are set to Verry long range?

I know that we had to set setTxPower(20) and SF12 in order to achive long ranges with the device.I had searched for the “setTxPower” string in the github repo but I got nothing.

I don’t know if meshtastic use the maximum transmitting power or not, but if it does not, it would be cool to allow transmitting at the max power.

Thank you and sorry for my newbie question

a power level of zero in the channel means ‘set the max continuous power this radio can do’. Which for the more common RF95ish radios is 17 dBm. In reality it would be safe to use 20 dBm (because we don’t transmit continuously), but the datasheet is over cautious.

Max power level is an attribute of the channel. There is no UI in the android app yet for changing this value but I just added an option to set it in the python tool. See my other post for info on this (I’ll post that in a few minutes)

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also your comment prompted me to notice a bug: on the sx1262 boards we were defaulting to 17 dBm also, but they can actually do 22 dBm

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