Do all nodes on the same freq relay messages?

Please forgive me if I missed something, but I didn’t seen anything in the documentation about this. Or maybe this is something intrinsic to the LoRA standards that I’ve missed:

If I setup a node as a repeater on a private channel on 915MHz, does it relay messages from other channels it is in range to receive? And the corollary to that… do other nodes on 915MHz be it public or private channel in listening range relay messages sent from from my private channel?



Currently all nodes will forward most packet types. But each node only understands how to be on one channel at a time.

Multi channel support (but with one selected shared freq) is a 1.1 feature. I’m working on that now (slowly - finishing up some support for a new boards first). It should be ready for alpha testing within two weeks.


Even single channel support isn’t that much of an issue (for me), but being able to forward packets on other channels is great. It will be much easier to create citywide network connectivity if everyone just focuses on their neighborhood with the edge of each network relaying onto the next one.

I have been wanting to ask the same thing but mostly related to s specific piece of hardware. A Dragino LG02, this is something I have had laying around for a while and been curious about the practicality of implementing such device i couldn’t picture someone running out and buying a few of these when Tloras are a 1/3rd the cost… But in this use case receive on one frequency Relay on another… No BLE but its got a WAN and Lan port lol. dragino-lg02-dual-channels-lora-iot-gateway-915-mhz-na

Im guessing their isn’t a easy way of trying it out without diving head first into the shallow end of the pool? Lol

yah - that device would need new code to work with meshtastic. It probably wouldn’t be super painful, because it could build on the work I’m doing for the pinetab lora radio (which has a similar architecture). But that support probably won’t be in for a month,

This possibly would solve my cross-band relay/bridging for 433 and 915MHz device linking

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