Diy ESP32 board on cheap

@folletto95 Thanks. I am waiting for some high power LoRa modules to arrive.

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@Ol_Dave There is also a thread discussing setup here:



Unclear if anyone got these E22 modules working. If they did this may be interesting hardware for sensor nodes?

Hi, did you manage to build your own meshtastic device with a 1W lora module +esp32??

I have a working ESP32+1W+GPS working as a tracker and would like to try to transform it into a meshtastic device also

There are some DIY boards out there including a 1W designed by one of the devs, called Project Hydra.

There’s also a genius of a tinkerer in the group, @mark.birss that has done all sorts of DIY builds. Search his name and you’ll see some cool stuff.


thanks a lot for the info!!!

would look a both of them :wink:

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