Discussion on support for custom build targets (i.e. different radio chips, cpus, one off boards)

To be honest, I highly recommend this function that can support modularity. For example, if you only need SMS, then the interface reminds you that you can only use this, and I hope that the APP of this software can be modified, like the chat room, let The interface is better-looking, and can have the same interface as ordinary mobile phone text messages. It can also support the switch between Bluetooth and WIFI connection instead of flashing the firmware through the computer, because it is too troublesome. Secondly, such a Mesh device hopes to pass WIFI. Support multi-person connection, and multiple people share one device.

I highly recommend that it can be used to support more boards, so that it can pass through different boards and different loRa boards, so that it is easier to DIY! For example, this esp32 Espressif and sx1278 (An Xinxin Ra02)

Add data visualization function to the software, you can check the location and height of each friend, if the board is not connected or when the phone is disconnected, stop the transmission of these data, or increase the transmission delay time to save power , APP can download some offline maps, I recommend Google Maps, on some boards without GPS, you can use the GPS of the mobile phone to make up for the lack of hardware, so as to send a more accurate location. Second, when the information is sent to your mobile phone, The APP may be able to prompt sounds or vibrations, or tap to vibrate the other party ’s mobile phone (for more, you can refer to the “Zapya” software, which has some better functions, but it is based on WIFI and can imitate some of them Function) This project is very good and has great development prospects! I will support you!

I really hope that everyone can adopt it and act! At the same time, I also hope it will succeed

From a radio enthusiast.
I am your fan, I believe in you!
For convenience, I hope to provide binary files on github


No one there?:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::grinning::grinning::innocent::innocent:

This is a same project.but it is Different nature for your project.Have certain learning value.

These two boards.

I really need this board port connection method and firmware, and hope to be able to announce on github, fortunately this thing supports RF95.

Even more delightful is that two sets of such boards only require 14USDLess than $ 30, and it is still a pair of devices.

I can help the project provide Chinese Android applications, which can be regarded as my little strength

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Hi, thank you for your post. I replied here to your github:

re: disaster radio
we are sharing protocol development with them (work on that started this week)

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btw: Now that we’ve switched to RadioLab supporting a sx1278 would be quite easy.

It also works with older firmwares(radiohead). I use DOIT Esp32 DevKit v1 + ra-02 (sx1278) and rfm98w. Without issues. Flash TTGO lora32 v2 eu433.

oh yeah! heh! I forgot sx1278 is just a different name for RF95. yeah - we’ve been support that since day one ;-). I thought you were talking about that multichannel chip from Semtech.

It’s running, we got a heartbeat :heart:

I’m messing (or already meshing?) with two RA-02 Modules and two ESP32’s (one Lolin32 and a Lolin32 Lite)

Here is my log output (which looks promising to me) from one of them:

Received someone rebroadcasting for us fr=0xfc,to=0xff,id=113
Adding packet record for fr=0xfc,to=0xff,id=113
FIXME not implementedRebroadcasting received floodmsg to neighbors, fr=0xfc,to=0xff,id=113,hop_limit=1
enqueuing for send on mesh fr=0xfc,to=0xff,id=113 (txGood=1,rxGood=1,rxBad=1)
FIXME-update-db Sniffing packet fr=0xfc,to=0xff,id=113
Notifying observers of received packet fr=0xfc,to=0xff,id=113
Trigger powerFSM 3
                  Ignoring incoming packet - not a position
NOTE! Received a nodenum collision we lost, so picking a new nodenum
Update DB node 0xfc, rx_time=0
old user !240ac49bbafc/Unknown bafc/?00
updating changed=0 user !240ac49bbafc/Unknown bafc/?00
sending owner !240ac49bbafc/Unknown bafc/?00
Update DB node 0xfc, rx_time=0
old user !240ac49bbafc/Unknown bafc/?00
updating changed=0 user !240ac49bbafc/Unknown bafc/?00
Adding packet record for fr=0xfc,to=0xff,id=209
enqueuing for send on mesh fr=0xfc,to=0xff,id=209 (txGood=1,rxGood=1,rxBad=1)
Forwarding to phone, from=0xfc, rx_time=0
Update DB node 0xfc, rx_time=0
old user !240ac49bbafc/Unknown bafc/?00
updating changed=0 user !240ac49bbafc/Unknown bafc/?00
Telling client we have new packets 1
Telling client we have new packets 1
Starting low level send from=0xfc, to=0xff, id=113, want_ack=0
Completed sending to=0xff, id=113
Starting low level send from=0xfc, to=0xff, id=209, want_ack=0
Completed sending to=0xff, id=209

Can somebody interpret it for me? It looks like they found each other but have nothing else to tell?

I wonder what steps are now necessary that I could make use of the meshtastic app I have installed on my phone. I tried many times to add/find the meshtastic-devices via bluetooth inside the app but had no luck at all. Are more steps needed before I can do that?

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Does phones USB OTG or Linux PCs Python API connect/work?

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Good question, I need to try that! Meshtastic is totally new to me!

So USB OTG on the phone should also work with the app?

How would a API connection work? Do I need to lift the esp into my wifi?

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About Meshtastic python API: Python API release notes

USB OTG works automatically, when the node is connected to the phone.

So I tried it with USB OTG on my phone but the app doesn’t request a connection to it. On the other hand I can initiate a serial monitor (only with lower baud rate so no useful output) on the phone with the esp32 connected. So OTG works but the app doesn’t catch it.

Are there any dependencies on google services which are not present in AOSP? I don’t have google on my phone…

Ok, once again.

I can access via usb otg on a linux machine usinb meshtastic after installing (pip3 install meshtastic and pip3 install pygatt).

Out put looks like this:

Trigger powerFSM 1
Transition powerFSM transition=Press, from=ON to=ON
Client wants config, nonce=42
Reset nodeinfo read pointer
encoding toPhone packet to phone variant=3, 42 bytes
encoding toPhone packet to phone variant=6, 64 bytes
Sending nodeinfo: num=0xfc, lastseen=0, id=!240ac49bbafc, name=Unknown bafc
encoding toPhone packet to phone variant=4, 49 bytes
Sending nodeinfo: num=0x18, lastseen=0, id=!3c71bf034818, name=Unknown 4818
encoding toPhone packet to phone variant=4, 53 bytes
Done sending nodeinfos
encoding toPhone packet to phone variant=8, 2 bytes
Connected to radio...
encoding toPhone packet to phone variant=2, 62 bytes
Received: {'from': 24, 'to': 252, 'decoded': {'user': {'id': '!3c71bf034818', 'longName': 'Unknown 4818', 'shortName': '?00', 'macaddr': 'PHG/A0gY'}}, 'id': 101, 'rxSnr': -10.0, 'hopLimit': 3, 'fromId': '!3c71bf034818', 'toId': '!240ac49bbafc'}
encoding toPhone packet to phone variant=2, 64 bytes
Received: {'from': 24, 'to': 252, 'decoded': {'user': {'id': '!3c71bf034818', 'longName': 'Unknown 4818', 'shortName': '?00', 'macaddr': 'PHG/A0gY'}, 'wantResponse': True}, 'id': 102, 'rxSnr': -10.0, 'hopLimit': 3, 'fromId': '!3c71bf034818', 'toId': '!240ac49bbafc'}
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ooh interesting! I think that means the bluetooth on your device is basically good to go. Also - the bluetooth support in the python tool is not quite ready for prime time, but I’m glad it worked for you.

Are there any dependencies on google services which are not present in AOSP? I don’t have google on my phone…

Hmm - there are (analytics and crash reporting), but I think they are both optional. It had been a while since I fired up an emulator running a bare AOSP. But I just launched it on an emulator running api level 21 (which I think is android 5?) and it ran fine. Alas, the emulator doesn’t let me try bluetooth, but I think the app still nicely runs on bare AOSP phones.

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btw - what version of the phone app do you have installed? If you were installing custom device builds based on the master branch of meshtastic-device, I think you’ll want your phone app to be at least 0.7.2.

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