Cross Band Relay or Bridge of a channel

I would like to have some of my devices to 433MHz and some to use 915MHz. Is there a method to hardwire connect two centrally located devices to act as a bridge and relay traffic ? I only need one “channel” to be autonomously linked… It would be nice if it was transparent to the end-user devices.

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If I’m not mistaken, there are actually no direct support for linking two nodes by a wire.

However, you should be able to connect both nodes to a computer, and run a python script to flood all messages across both nodes. This might not be tested yet, but should, or rather might, work. Moreover, nodes might even learn the whole network (add nodes on different MHz to their NodeDB), as the packets flow trough LoRa.

@geeksville should be able to help you with the python code, if you run into any problems. :slightly_smiling_face:

Examples of python: Anyone In Italy?

Some info on setting up repeaters: Solar relays - best practice?


if there a linking over ip (free open mqtt sever) the text messages will go encrypted over a mqtt bridge? or the owner of the server will able to read the messages …?

The MQTT features are still under development, and not yet available. You can follow the enhancement here: MQTT/text messaging to internet/GPIO access/open mini-app API request for comment

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The status a couple of days ago, as @geeksville put it: "on device" API now available, feedback requested

Multichannel security is needed to be completed first.

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