Confusing Meshtastic webserver behavior

When I first got a variety of LoRa devices (T-Beam, Heltec V3, TTGO LoRa32, etc.) and I’m pretty sure I flashed 2.2.17, and I would access the device via WiFi, I would get a pretty boring looking text file (maybe it was JSON??).
It was a LONG string but it had all kinds of info from other devices that I had running, node names, GPS coordinates etc. Or the webpage would have you click on “JSON” or something like that and again it would give you this very long string with all kinds of goodies.

But NOW, all I can get is the the annoying “Meshtastic Web” that refuses to divulge any info about the peers except the Name, Model, MAC addy, Last Heard and SNR. I REALLY NEED A JSON STRING that shows temp, humidity, baro pressure, GPS coordinates, battery voltage, etc. The boring old webpage was PERFECT but I cannot get it anymore.

I’m really confused. I tried re-erasing and re-flashing with the web flasher a couple of different devices and I tried Firefox, Opera and Brave to access that old page again but I always got the same annoying result?! I am on a Linux laptop. Would that matter? Should I try to do this on a windows laptop instead?!

Are all my browsers getting some kind of redirect thing going on or ??

OK I FOUND IT!!! :smile:

The secret is to add to the end of the URL “/json/report”

I found it in the URL history on my old windows laptop that I had initially used to run Opera to use the Webflasher interface!

Oh NO…
It ONLY has goodies about the device being called…

Is there any way to access a computer readable file or something that would have temperature data, GPS data from the node’s peers?