Can the App use other maps?

Hi usually to avoid needing a good mobile signal I keep various hiking maps on my phone. These are highly detailed with topo and GR trails. They are open sourced like Mapbox but I can use them offline. Could we have an app menu that allows us to pick a map? One example of an app I use is Cartograph Pro.
Or maybe the app can already use mapbox off line? I do not know too much about mapbox! Thanks.

They a are fairly flexible and have a bunch of other map options already. To enable them is really just setting a bool so we show the map selection menu. Would you mind putting in a bug on the android component for this and I can do it fairly soon?

Hi thanks I have tried to do this. So if I go to the map screen I see the mapbox icon - the (i) takes me to openstreetmaps. It’s not obvious on openstreetmaps that there are any downloadable maps. I may have missed them of course. The rest of the icon looks ghosted. After trying I hit report bug. Hope that helps!

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I mean. There is no GUI there yet to let you do this, but if I turn on one flag they will show it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m wondering if the app could use OpenStreetMap. There suppose to be no strings attached for OSM.

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I think this would be a great idea. Alas, it mostly needs someone to add it. There is more info here but if anyone wants to learn android development this might be a good/fun first effort.