Can the App use other maps?

Hi usually to avoid needing a good mobile signal I keep various hiking maps on my phone. These are highly detailed with topo and GR trails. They are open sourced like Mapbox but I can use them offline. Could we have an app menu that allows us to pick a map? One example of an app I use is Cartograph Pro.
Or maybe the app can already use mapbox off line? I do not know too much about mapbox! Thanks.

They a are fairly flexible and have a bunch of other map options already. To enable them is really just setting a bool so we show the map selection menu. Would you mind putting in a bug on the android component for this and I can do it fairly soon?

Hi thanks I have tried to do this. So if I go to the map screen I see the mapbox icon - the (i) takes me to openstreetmaps. It’s not obvious on openstreetmaps that there are any downloadable maps. I may have missed them of course. The rest of the icon looks ghosted. After trying I hit report bug. Hope that helps!

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I mean. There is no GUI there yet to let you do this, but if I turn on one flag they will show it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m wondering if the app could use OpenStreetMap. There suppose to be no strings attached for OSM.

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I think this would be a great idea. Alas, it mostly needs someone to add it. There is more info here but if anyone wants to learn android development this might be a good/fun first effort.


First off, an apology for re-opening an older thread.

I’ve spent some time off-grid using the rangetest plugin in the Scottish Highlands. I had two t-beams out with me and hadn’t lost signal after a 3.7km walk up Glen Kinglass - circa 200 Seq’s received, albeit a couple arriving simultatously.

Echoing the posts above, off-grid mapping would be very useful as I had no map buffered in the memory of the android or iOS apps due to starting off-grid which made it difficult for my partner to find where I had stashed the base node near the car.

As a back up to not having an offline map, it would be useful if the map tab in the apps could use some of the stored SEQ data on the radios was available on the phone such that the app could show a vector from your location back to which ever node is in your mesh (xxx degrees, yyy metres). Similarly, it would be helpful to be able to click on a node and get its location within the app, either lat/long or OS Grid in the UK.

Getting lots of experience (and occasional frustration) with the rangetest plugin to the point I’ve downloaded PlatformIO. Hopefully write it up some of the experiences if it would be of interest to anyone looking to try it out.

iOS offers offline maps via a mbtiles file, the functionality is available on android but offline maps is a paid feature of map box we have not figured out how to properly charge users for yet.

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