Can i send a direct messages to a specific user form the Android App 1.2.40


Is it possible to send a message to a specific user with the Android App, if so how?


This isn’t currently available from the Android app, but I believe that this is one of the features on the to-do list.

Ok, understood, thank you, i will use the PyGUI for that

Any update to this?

I imagine there are a few things that need to be done.

  • The Device (Android / Iphone / Other) app needs to have a method of identifying its self. They will also need to poll for saved messages. Perhaps using some kind of heartbeat monitoring on both the device and the nodes.

  • Nodes will need to either be able to cache a list of these devices or use BATMAN to poll for these devices. This could be done by a module similar to the store and forward module.

actually, 1.2.61 was just released with DMs. still a work in progress. if you don’t see nodes listed (message tab now shows contacts), send any message to refresh the list.