Can I see full mesh with positions?

Hi there,

I’ve got 4 tBeam devices and connected them to a mesh, using android & python.

The question is: should the Position packets be forwarded by nodes like Message packets or not?
I have 2 nodes far away from each other (no direct connection), and 1 node between them (in repeater mode, to be exactly).

I can see RPT in both nodes (in android app, in “meshtastic --nodes”, and on oled-screens), but NODE1 does not know position of NODE2 and vice versa. But sometimes I can send messages between NODE1 & NODE2!

“meshtastic --nodes” and “meshtastic --info” shows only nearby nodes or the full mesh? I want to see all mesh nodes with positions, is that possible by architecture?

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The debug output will contain the GPS data along with any other data the mesh sees. There is actually a lot you can only see in the debug port.

If you use the example in the Meshtastic API documentation, you can connect to an radio and it will display all the packets that the radio receives.

The PyGUI also has a connect to radio option that displays packets on the mesh as they come in. Im working on filters for this output since there is alot you have to sift through to find what you are looking for but the GPS data is there.

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I’m still waiting on my T-BEAMS, but from what I understand the admin channel kinda solves this?
It sounds like you can at least list the nodes you administer via the CLI - if you can list them with the python module it can’t be hard to generate some sort of gpx/kml that can be loaded into a map tool or just generate html/javascript that displays some sort of open street map with markers and labels on its own (e.g. leaflet.js)

yes you can actually use the range test plugin, there is an option that saves GPS data into a CSV that you can then download.

this is something I started working on and haven’t done much with it but it did start to kind of work, I think it uses an old module you cant get anymore but it is an example of how you can get GPS data out of meshtastic nodes