Maybe issue to the current firmeware 1.1.32

maybe i‘m wrong, but the calculated space between 2 devices, my tbeam device show me the node is 3002.0 km far from me … but i’was give the node the correct position. and the tbeam show me also the correct position.

now the node was came up in the android map, and stay in Libya … hehehe … may this is a trick to show a wrong position for some organizations what don’t like poeple can speak without control.

because, encrypted communication without infrastructure and they can’t control it, the users als terrorists … i‘m sure … they will think like that …

or maybe it‘s need only long time!!

it‘s need time!!! … now all show correct …

i‘have some idea, meshtastic don‘t support LoraWan, that is ok. I‘m not familiar with this, but maybe this gateways or nodes send also GPS coordinates. if they do, why not read this and send from time to time a nodereport to the clients and the Android app show a circle around the node for show a possible working range? i‘ts also usefull in witch area i‘will have contact to the network or i‘m out of range.

it‘s only some idea

Other thing is, in a nodereport, maybe show also how many meshtastic devices he has seen, and how many data packed he was send and received … and it will show up in the android app.