General question on routing

Hi, i am quite new to meshtastic, but already have some t-beam devices ready, inkluding 3 devices with 10W and 20W solar power to be router-nodes and installed on some roof on Hill with 180° 50km view. All these were recently updated to 1,344. before that on 1,2xx i was doing some testing. Now i am waiting for 2.0 before finally installing …
my general question is about what messages are routed by the nodes?
The" Messages to all " seemed to be flood routed in the Mesh. but:
on 1,3 i did not get the seq-messages of range-test routed, all just worked in direct connection?
and are the standard position and owner messages routed by the nodes?

so if A cannot see C, but A and C can see B, will A receive the position data of C to show in the android app???
what information will node A show about C ? position/name ? (Signal 0%)? or signal strenght of router-node B ??
And all of this in a larger Mesh on 10 devices :O)

have fun. kr

Everything including DM’s uses flood routing and the default hop limit is 3. You can do some simulations if you want GitHub - GUVWAF/Meshtasticator: Discrete-event and interactive simulator for Meshtastic.

ok thanx.
some more questions on routing:
what does the device show if getting status messages from another node “via router”, so without a direct connection. will it show the signal strenght of the router signal ?
So, if i am trying to do a range test and i can see the other node, but it is on default channel?
maybe the signal is routed by some other unknown router node and i get massive wrong results ?