Beginner Question - Meshtastic & Raspberry Pi

Would it be possible to connect the TTGO Meshtastic T-Beam to a Raspberry Pi (3+) ? Hardwired rather than Bluetooth pairing.

If so…Is there a version of the Mestastic App that runs on Raspberry Pi?

If so…would two of these set up with querty keyboard and 6" Oled Display each create a pair of standalone communication devices? Essentially, instead of pairing the TTGO Meshtastic T-Beam to our phones and running the Meshtastic App, we are creating, sending and receiving simple messages via the Raspberry Pis.

If so…how difficult are we talking? Something I could do with my son (who knows a bit more than me!)



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Hi, your question is discussed here since a few hours before your post.

Bluetooth pairing to use the python API isn’t supported, but USB is.

regarding your other question, please search the forum:

  • “pinetab”
  • “QWERTY”
  • “keyboard”



Thank you.

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