Are The Upgraded T-Beam v1.1 Models Worth IT?

For those of you that have been around here for a while and have upgraded your T-Beam from the SX1278 Lora Transceiver and 6M GPS to the improved SX1262 Lora Transceiver and the M8N GPS have you noticed a marked improvement in the real world??

Also, I see some vendors are offering the SX1268 Lora Transceiver. Can someone tell me if this is an upgrade from the SX1278 and if so is it an upgrade (or downgrade) from the SX1262??

SX1262 is newer one and slightly more powerful than SX1278/6 and supports faster bitrate:

The New SX1268 offering is 433MHz only.

So @Vladislav with that table you posted I may have made an error. Do I understand correctly that given the frequency range of the different Part Numbers that I need to be restricted to the the SXxxxx version so that 915Mhz (Canada) falls within that range? So for example, with the 3 “NEW” ones listed I could only chose the SX1261 or the SX1262 because 915Mhz falls within their frequency range. But I could NOT use the SX1268 if I were to get a 915Mhz variant??

@caveman99 Is that because the SX1268 only has a frequency range of 410-810Mhz? And 915Mhz (Canada) is outside that range?

yes exactly, the band you intend to use must be within the chip spec. only exceptioon to that will be the new LR1120 Chip by Semtech, which is a wideband radio from 100 MHz to 3 GHz. The marginally cheaper LR1110 can cover up to 1 GHz.

SX1262 on the T-Echo, combined with a TCXO really improves the range when using 31 kHz bandwidth.

You can go through my forum posts to take a look at the tests I’ve done so far.

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