App on Lenovo Tab M8 (Android 10) not recognize paired T-beam

I have three T-Beam 1.1 that were just flashed to 2.0. I had one paired to my Lenovo Tab M8 (Android 10), one paired to my iPhone, and one using the Web Client. Everything was working well until I was playing around in the Android app (ver 2.0.0) on the settings tab and hit the “None (disable)” radio button. Since then I have not been able to get the app to even see any of my T-Beams, even though I have been able to connect each one to the Lenovo Tab with Bluetooth successfully. All three T-beams work fine connecting to my iPhone or the web client. When I hit the “+” button at the bottom of the Android app, it gives me the message “you have not paired a radio yet” and there is one radio button below that with “None (disable)” selected. I have tried unselecting the None button, deleting all the app data, uninstalling the app and reinstalling, restarting the tablet, restarting the T-Beam, trying all three T-beams, etc, and nothing seems to work.

Really puzzling how it was working and now will not work.

I’m not sure if this means anything or not, but there are also three sentences below the “None (disabled)” radio button saying I haven’t paired a Meshtastic device, it’s open source, and a link to the Meshtastic website. If I click the “None (disabled)” button, trying to unselect it (not that there any others to select), the three sentences go away, and won’t return until I clear all app data. Regardless, it won’t see my connected T-beams either way.

Please help. Thanks

Try forgetting the device in the Android Bluetooth settings. Then try again

Sorry I didn’t mention that in my explanation, I tried that and it didn’t work.

Hmm. I’m out of ideas sorry. You can also try asking in the Discord if there are no good answers here

Best of luck!

Thanks for trying–I appreciate the quick response. Hopefully someone has an idea other than factory reset my tablet.

I just remembered that I have an adapter cable (USB-micro male to USB-A female) to hook up my T-beam directly to the tablet. The app actually works with the cable/serial connection. Still can’t get Bluetooth to work though.

I got it working again, but I’m not 100% sure what did it. I think it was going into the tablet settings for Location and turning on “Use Location”.

The reason I’m not sure what did the trick is because I did the following: Using the web installer on my PC I reflashed the firmware on the tbeam I was trying to connect to with 2.0.0 beta (same version already on the tbeam) and chose “wipe and reinstall device”. I also “forgot” the tbeam Bluetooth connection, deleted all app data from my tablet, uninstalled Meshtastic, restarted my tablet, went into the tablet settings for Location and turned on “Use Location”, reinstalled Meshtastic, paired the tablet with the tbeam, and then went into the Meshtastic app, clicked the “+” button and a dialog box came up allowing me to connect to the tbeam.

So many variables it’s hard to be certain which one did it. Funny thing is that I was able to go back into the tablet settings and turn off “Use Location” and Meshtastic is still connecting just fine.

I don’t know what combination of setting changes broke it in the first place, but hopefully it stays working. It took so much time to fix I’m afraid to experiment with the app settings again.

Makes sense you needed to add “Use Location”. The team is targeting earlier versions of Android when it was possible to derive the physical location of a device using Bluetooth. They have to ask for this permission to enable Bluetooth. I believe if support for earlier versions was dropped, this permission may not be needed (which would have negative adoption effects on the app) It’s annoying but it’s an artifact of Google’s decisions.

Glad you got it working!