Anyone in the Northern Colorado area?

Looking to connected with anyone in northern Colorado (US). Which could include Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Timnath, Windsor, Wellington, Laporte, Johnstown, Lyons, etc.

I’m too far in pueblo, however last weekend I went to the balanced rock; we used Meshtastic / TAK comms.

Sweet, how’d it work for ya?!

well… I was expecting to see more users in the LongFast default channel, maybe I’m not configuring everything right, but we had no answer.
Secondary channel name “LongFast”
PSK “AQ==”
LoRa Channel US “20”.
Now I have a second device so we will try at least team communications.

here are some videos:

second video:

Nice rig, what you running? Love the crunch of fresh powder!

After getting my (4) radios setup I was a bit surprised as well to not detect any other nodes on the LongFast channel, with default PSK while driving around NoCo in various cities. I guess it’s still early in the project, and we’ll hopefully see more folks as time goes on.

Would you mind explaining how you’re using TAK, vs just a client node? I’m not really understanding the main difference between the two.

So in this first test, we take only one TAK cellphone and one Meshtastic transceiver, to test if we can catch any LoRa repeater in Springs and send the position and messages to Pueblo in the public o private channel. So our wives can see where we are XD… well didn’t work.

With two or more nodes, we can transmit real time position in our own off grid Meshtastic network and see it in TAK.

Here are the tutorial:

Thanks for the link, I was just reading up on TAK (and ITAK for me). I’m interested in using this off-grid for hiking/backpacking/off-roading, though I feel like I’m missing something here.

Can’t the Meshtastic app do that as well? What’s the benefit of using a TAK system vs just the Meshtastic app?

Should mention I’m an avid hiker here in the Rockies, use InReach, Gaia & CalTopo, do route and trip planning, and actually thought a class on off-grid nav a few years back. So, familiar with most of this stuff, just not seeing the benefits of TAK yet.

(And maybe this is a conversation for another thread, who knows).