Any Romanian users?

Hi! Here an early adopter of the failed gotenna project.

Are there any Romanian users of meshtastic in Arad?

Is there a map of users?

Thanks! Not going to buy devices unless a bunch of users exist in my area.

I could bet on this

No romanian folks here

They were scammed with gotenna

Hey Nicu (Salut),

I am from RO (near Bucharest), so you are in luck (kind of :)))) ). I just joined today on Discourse, and I wasn`t sure if anyone from RO thought of setting up a mesh network here in our country. There are just a few nodes, and I even have a link with a map for you to check (Meshtastic Map). I found this myself, while doing research on Meshtastic. I am not sure if we are allowed to use our native tongue and speak directly Romanian here, but anyway. Nice to meet you !!!

By the way, you don`t need to login to check the map, just click on the “Next” button at the bottom of the page, and go over Romania, and then zoom in. Let me know if that helps.


Nice to meet you here.
The device and the mesh it creates are attracting the people to invest.

But as I previously wrote, the traction is not going to grow over time, once the hype is gone.

So I am not going to invest a dime, unless bunch of nodes and users appear in Arad.

Same thing here … it doesnt worth the investment if you dont have at least a few nodes in proximity to create a mesh with. Not too much passion in our country with these things unfortunately. And I think the hype was 2 or 3 years ago, when the technology first appeared.

Yep. I was having even a gtm node at the 7 the level of the building

Now even the map of gtm mesh is gone

After all, you can only exchange text, so why this drive people nuts in buying stuff that will become obsolete in 3 years?

Because it allows them to still be able to communicate with each other when everything else goes down (ex. Internet comms, Cellular towers, comms. infrastructure in general). And above that, the comms. through Meshtastic devices are completely private, being encrypted with AES-256. You are able to setup channels just for you and your friends, or just for you and your family, and keep those private. When nothing else works, the mesh will still be up-and-running, if setup properly :). At the beginning of the Internet, people used to send just text to each other, by just using terminal-like applications in Linux/Unix. So, as long as I am able to send out text, I don`t mind to have just that :).

Asa a fost cu mai multe meshuri, bearcat, si inca o gramada. Nu ai ce face, e o chestie comerciala ce se stinge intr un moment dat.

Some news here?

Some news here?

Sorry to barge into your conversation. Technically I’m Romanian (title says…) I just live somewhere else. Anyway, just wanted to comment re. the Meshtastic Map linked by brainbyte. Whassup with Poland? Meshtastic border? lol.

Hey, guys. Nice to meet you!
I live in Bucharest and recently ordered two devices on 433 to play and experiment with a connection between my work place and the place where I live. They’re 700m apart so hopefully this will work smoothly. Then, I just found this thread. (I also found there’s an active Discord server but sadly Romania is not present in their regional groups list.)
Will have my updates here as soon as my devices will be delivered and installed.

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I am located in Bucharest, I have two nodes that I use. I think we should create a public channel on Meshtastic and maybe we can get in tuch. :slight_smile:

Hello! I’m from Iasi running on 868 and I’m planning to install 2 nodes to play with.