Antenna range test : dipole diy versus out-of-factory


I share hereunder an antenna range test comparing two antennas : one is a DIY dipole (build explained in a previous video of my youtube channel), the second one is the antenna delivered out-of-factory with the RAK wireless meshtastic kit (PCB antenna)

Hope this will encourage you to build your own dipole antenna !

EDIT : I had to reupload an updated video, replacing the one above, to this URL below. It will take more or less 2 hours from this edit to be available


Wild… I got into Meshtastic from your videos.

I actually made the Dipole antenna you made prior to joining the forums here. This was a great video. I really appreciate your content.

One thing i struggled with (and still do) is proper antenna tuning. I picked up a Nanovna on ebay because they are really easy to come by (30$ usd) and a Calibration board (which i highly reccomend, it makes calibrations a breeze). I have used my nano vna to test resonant circuits but i really struggle understanding how to read the swr. I also have had a difficult time finding videos that explain the following concepts.

Setting up the Nano VNA for SWR and Reading the smith chart. Explaining the proper Scale to use as well as the best start and stop points for stimulus.

If you should have 3 traces or just 1 setup. I assume 3 for Log, SWR, and Smith.

Once the settings are correct. In the measurements from the Antenna, how do you know which side of the antenna to snip. I am over concerned with removing too much.

Honestly great content and thankyou for your contribution.