Vector Network Analyzer Recomendatations?

I want to start making some antennas so I am looking at a few different VNAs.

Is this one good enough

or should I just go for the upgraded version?

Or something else?

It really depends whether you’re in a hurry and/or want the cheapest option or are willing to invest a bit more time and money in a better instrument.

Currently I’d recommend the Plus variants of the official nanoVNA, particularly the Plus4. Unfortunately they can’t meet demand, so production runs are sold out very quickly.

Please refer to Hardware Versions | NanoVNA V2

I have a Plus4 and, while the firmware is still maturing, I’m sold over its dynamic range and sweep speed.

I would not say I am in a hurry. And price is not my main concern.

I just want to be able to tune home made antennas.

I’ve been playing with the idea of building and selling weather proof pole mount repeater kits.

The original was designed for up to 900MHz, and newer firmware lets it reach 1.5GHz, but the accuracy apparently isn’t very good above the original range. Even if it is good enough for use at 915MHz, I figure that I’ll probably want to make and tune antennas for higher frequency signals at some point, so I plan to get a V2.

I have the low end version of this: VNA
The main difference between the two is the cables. It appears to do a good job.

I ordered this one 2 weeks ago. Just done the calibration and if im reading it correctly, the stock antennas are pretty bad. in the next few weeks ill see about getting some better antennas. All the antennas on amazon that arent brand name appear to be junk.

Speaking of accessories, a good calibration set is perhaps more important than the VNA itself. Indeed, it could easily cost more than a nanoVNA, but it’s vital at UHF and up.

Some cost-effective options are available here.

They are, but because they are short, not because they’re far off frequency.

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Are the V2 Plus4 VNAs good in the WiFi range? Or is that spec inflation at that point & it’s not reliable up towards the 3ghz claimed top end. I’d like to be able to check my pile of WiFi antennas as well as my ham, 433 & 900mhz stuff. Wifi is mostly 2.4ghz. I would like to check some of my 5ghz WiFi antenna gear as well, but I don’t seem to find any of the hobbyists grade gear getting up that high.

They are. Of course they offer reduced dynamic range, but by using the averaging function there’s still plenty to check/tune 2,4 GHz antennae.

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I think I have my NanoVNA S-A-A-2 working. I tested the antennas that came with my devices:

pull the plastic antenna cover off, it really effects the tuning

Hi, I want to buy a Vna to do some test whit antennas.

Can someone help me choose one?

I hope to find one whit a 6Ghz upper frequency to test also a 5.8Ghz fpv stuff.

Hi @folletto95

I moved your post here as there is already an active discussion on this topic.

My own research has indicated the ‘cheep’ devices don’t do as well at the higher frequencies. Some of it seems to be marketing that isn’t afraid of being held accountable. So stated information is best case, or the spec sheets of sub components may technically be capable, but in practice the system as a whole isn’t.

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Thanks a lot, I didn’t see this post, I already search a little bit, but I have fond contrasting answers.