A great guide to mastering the Meshtastic-radio network in your area

Dear friends. If you have just learned what a Meshtastic-radio network is, if you are interested in the topic, if you already have a radio modem, and you would like to breathe life into it, then …
I have written a large series of 4 articles for the Russian-speaking community. This is more than the usual FAQ. This is a complete guide to action.
At the moment, the articles are written in Russian for a Russian-speaking audience. You can easily translate the article in your google chrome browser into your national language. Perhaps the Google translation will be slightly incorrect, with inaccuracies or errors.
Also, I am considering translating the article into real technical English.

The article is devoted to the general principles of the Meshtastic-network.

The article is devoted to branded radio modems with aliexpress stores.

The article is devoted to the radio amateur design and self-assembly of the radio modem (DIY).

A detailed step-by-step guide to flashing a radio modem and setting up a local radio network.


Fantastic been looking for something like this

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This is the most detailed and easy to understand how-to article. You should create few more chapters for antenna, DIY circuits in detail using Ebyte modules etc.

Thank you for your service.

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These articles are probably the most comprehensive writeup on meshtastic thank you for taking the time to write them.

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